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Family Feud - Chapter One

Written for dannielle1989's prompt in for the DE Holiday Exchange.

The Salvatore's and the Gilbert's have hated each other for generations. Somewhere down the line, they have forgotten why, it was just expected that the feud would continue. However Damon and Elena would have to disagree. They got to know each other in college, and started dating. After dating since the beginning of the school year they decided they were totally it for each other and eloped right before going home for Christmas. They decide to come clean to their families at the Annual Lockwood Christmas Gala. It's totally up to you where it goes from here and tweak the prompt as you see fit. Bonus points for the news causing someone to get drunk and cause a scene at the party, mistletoe and spiked egg nog. Smut or no smut is up to you.

The zipper stopped halfway up the back of Elena’s dress. She tugged at the crushed velvet fabric, hissing with annoyance.

“Relax.” Jenna stepped through the doorway of Elena’s childhood room. She pushed her niece’s curled chestnut hair over one shoulder and took hold of the reluctant zipper. One tug. Two.  “Inhale.”  Elena complied, and the zipper slid up the rest of the track with ease.

“I can’t breathe.” Elena choked the words out.

“The fact that you’re talking says otherwise.” Jenna backed away from Elena, surveying her handiwork.  “Turn around.” She spun a finger over her head, a smile spreading across her face. “You look lovely.”

Elena frowned. “I look like I’m sixteen.”

Jenna smoothed the midnight blue shoulder strap and was rewarded by sparkles of crystals. “You’re just lucky you didn’t have that dress with you in Boston.”
“No. I should be in Boston with the rest of my clothes.”
“Can’t do anything about a blizzard.” Ric walked down the hallway, tossing his car keys into the air before catching them in a movement that reminded Elena of her father, even though the two men had never met. Maybe it was just a dad-move.  If he was here, that meant he’d finally been able to sneak out of Thomas’ room, so they could escape for the evening. Elena had offered to keep her nephew. In fact, she’d practically begged to stay at the family home when her flight was cancelled due to a blizzard creeping impossibly slowly through the northeast. “We’re just lucky you get to come to the New Year’s party with us.”
“After all, if I have to suffer through it, you do too. You’re the real founding family member.” Jenna practically growled the last few words.
“Please don’t remind me.”
“The Salvatores will be there.” Ric spoke the sentence like a warning.
Jenna let out a long breath through her nostrils…sounding like nothing more than an overworked horse. “I suppose he told you he’d be there.”
“If you’re asking me if my best friend will be at the party celebrating the town’s 200th birthday, then yes.” Ric’s tone held a note of warning. His continued friendship with Damon was seldom spoken of in the house. The two men were friends before Ric married Jenna. Now, the friendship was something never spoken of at home.
Until tonight.
Elena almost hoped the pair would begin to argue.  That might get the whole family out of the party obligation.
“You’re trying to rile me up.” Jenna’s cheeks flushed a dangerous shade of red. “It’s not going to work.”
Ric held up his hands, proclaiming his innocence. “I’m just trying to save all of us.”
“We’re the Gilberts.” Jenna stood straighter. A look of resolve filling her eyes. She slid her hands over her skirt in a nervous habit she’d copied from her sister. “At least Elena is. We won’t miss this party.”
“As long as no one ends up getting arrested.”
Jenna shot her husband a look. “That was a long time ago. And Guiseppe started it.”
“I’m just saying…”
“You’re saying you want to stay home and watch the bowl game while pretending you’re watching our son.”
Elena stifled a laugh. Ric was never going to live last night down. He’d been watching their son while she and Jenna had gone out for one last night before Elena flew back home to Boston. When the two women had stepped in for one last peek at the toddler, the room was as white as the Boston blizzard since the little boy had discovered a value-sized container of baby powder and had been happily decorating his room while his father watched a football game down the hallway.
Jenna shook her head, pointing toward the doorway.  “We’re going.”

Guiseppe straightened his tie, studying his reflection in the mirror. Once he was satisfied the knot was straight, he used the mirror to catch Damon’s eyes. “I’ve heard the Gilberts will be there this year.”
Stefan paused outside the bathroom door. “Are they?”
Guiseppe nodded, glaring at his oldest son. “At least that’s what I’ve been told.” Guiseppe grabbed his suit-coat from the foot of the bed. “By someone who happened to hear you at Grill.” He hesitated in front of Damon as if he was waiting for his oldest son to confess.
“So someone heard me talking with Ric…”
“I don’t know why I had to hear it second hand.” Guiseppe interrupted Damon before he completed his reply. His neck turned a blotchy red.
“What does it matter?” Damon’s eyes flashed a dangerous ice blue.
“It’s the New Year’s party. They know we’ll be there.”
“They’re founders. It’s the founders’ party. Nothing says that if we’re at one event, they can’t attend.”
“Why aren’t they in Colorado like every other year?”
“Something about Ellie being back home for Christmas. At least that’s their excuse.”
“Elena.” Damon corrected, finishing the last button on his suit jacket. “And she won’t be there. She’s back in Boston by now.”
“How do you know?” Stefan looked at his brother with suspicion.
“She’s in a sorority isn’t she? All the girls have to be back by tomorrow.”
“I suppose you’re using your professorly knowledge to know the whereabouts of every student at your school?” Stefan wasn’t letting the comment go.
“I don’t even know if she’s at my school.” Damon glared.
“Sure you don’t.”
“Do you know how many colleges are in Boston?”
“Hasn’t Ric told you where she is?” Stefan seemed more suspicious now than when the conversation started.
“His niece isn’t exactly our main topic of conversation.”
“Enough.” Guiseppe stepped between his sons. “Tonight we’re a unified front. No one gets any idea that there’s anything wrong between the men in the Salvatore family. We’ll save that for the Gilberts.”
“You’re a politician. You’re telling me that you can’t be civil to the Gilberts for one night? It’s Ric and Jenna.”
“You do remember that time with Jenna…” Stefan began.
“She was in high school.” Damon waited for his father to clear the doorway. “They toilet papered the trees in the front lawn.”
“It was vandalism.”
“She wasn’t alone.” Stefan offered.
“But she was the only one you had arrested.”
Guiseppe nodded stiffly. “Someone had to teach those Gilberts a lesson.  Think they own the town, they do.”
“They’re not the only ones.” Stefan muttered under his breath, careful to stay outside hearing distance of their father.
“Hurry up, boys. We’re not going to be late.”

They were late. No question about it. If the clock on the dashboard didn’t confirm Guiseppe’s dire warning, the car-covered front lawn and the music spilling through the open front windows did.  The cars trying to park crawled up the gravel drive. Guiseppe was seething. His teeth ground so loudly that Damon could hear them in the back seat. “I could walk faster than this.”
“Why don’t you?”
Guiseppe turned sharply back to his son, ready to attack.
“I just meant that you could walk up, and I’ll park the car for you. That way you won’t miss the introductions.” Damon nodded toward his brother. “Stefan can go with you.” Anything to give him less time inside the party.
“If this was any other night…”
“You wouldn’t do it.” Damon raised an eyebrow. “I know. But this way you can get inside before they open the first bottle of champagne.”
“You’ll be careful?” His father gripped the leather-covered steering wheel like someone was trying to rip his child from his hands. Of course, since he’d presented the car to himself as a Christmas gift, he might have loved it more than he cared for either of his sons.
“I’ll be careful. And you’ll have to spend less time explaining how your son ended up being just a professor instead of following in the family line of work.” Damon used his father’s favorite phrase against him.
“I’ll do it.” Guiseppe threw the door open and disappeared into the darkness, Stefan jogging from behind to keep up.

Damon parked the car and walked toward the house. Crept might be a better word. Or crawled. He wasn’t in a hurry to go inside. Yes, he knew everyone there, but no one he cared about was at the party.
At least that’s what he thought.
As he mounted the stairs, he couldn’t quite believe his ears. It sounded like…  He tossed his jacket at one of the attendants and strode into the main ballroom. And there she was. Hair curling perfectly over her almost-bare shoulders, Elena stood in the middle of a cluster of family friends. Even from behind her, he could tell she was mid-story.  Elena always drew a crowd—whether it was from cheering at the sidelines of a football game or trying to convince the members of her study group to decide on a plan to complete an assignment. But Damon didn’t expect her to be the center of attention here tonight.
“If you’ll excuse me.” Just like an unseen magnetism, Elena turned in a half-circle, her lips curling in a smile only Damon would notice. That was before her eyes widened in shock and the faintest look of fear came over her face.
Damon stood stock still. His only movement was a tiny motion from his index finger, summoning her to follow him.
She looked furtively from side to side, as if she was a teenager trying to decide if it was safe to sneak out of her bedroom in the middle of the night. Her heels clipped sharply over the marble entryway, following closely behind him.
Damon ducked into the powder room beneath the winding stairway, pulling her in behind him. “What are you doing here?”
“Have you checked the weather forecast?”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“My flight got cancelled.”  She quickly continued. “But don’t worry. I called Alex. She’s going to take care of Buddy for one more night.”
“Why didn’t you call me?”
“I kind of thought you’d figure it out when you saw me here.  And I promise Buddy is fine. He’s probably getting belly rubs in front of the fireplace right now.”  She pulled her phone out of her clutch, running her thumb over the screen until she reached the picture she was searching for.  The Pomeranian was sleeping on his favorite pillow with his little pink tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth. Alex spoiled the dog worse than Damon did.

She was giving him a teasing expression he couldn’t resist. It was the same look that drew him in the very first time he’d seen her walking through the gardens in front of her dorm.
Before she could say another word, he’d pulled her to him, wrapping his arms so tightly around her, he knew he was making breathing a challenge. He didn’t care. They’d been apart almost two weeks. He’d missed holding her. He’d missed smelling her shampoo. He’d damn sure missed kissing her.  If the sink was a little farther away from the door, he’d show her exactly how much he’d missed her.

She moaned against his lips, almost pushing the limits of his control. His shoulder struck the door, and he was surprised when it gave way from behind.  Elena stepped back away from him, smoothing her skirt, but the blood-red flush of her well-kissed lips gave away that they weren’t in there to argue.

Stefan cocked his head to the side, his hand still on the doorknob.  Caroline stood next to him, suspicion plain on her face.  Stefan cleared his throat. “What exactly is going on in here?”

“And who is Buddy?” Caroline crossed her arms in front of her chest, making it clear she was the sheriff’s daughter.

"You two have some explaining to do."  

On Second Thought

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Baking Christmas Cookies - (#DEEX fanfic)

Written for the Damon and Elena holiday exchange.  I’m answering katy5219’s prompt -  

K...Everyone's busy for the holidays, and the only two left alone are Damon and Elena. They decide to spend Christmas in the boarding house, and begin baking cookies...Which, you know, automatically leads to Elena teasing Damon, and getting a bit more than she bargained for. 

Bonus points for use of the kitchen as space, foodplay, all sorts of roughness, and biting in particular :)

Rating:  Mature - adult content, language

I’ve taken one small liberty with the prompt (where the story starts), but I hope she’ll still enjoy it.


Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

Elena looked up from the pile of half-wrapped presents in the middle of the living room floor as the first peal of the smoke alarm sounded.  “Oh no.”  She glared in the direction of the kitchen only to discover thick smoke pouring out of the room.  “The cookies.”  Taking hold of the couch, she struggled to her feet, the walking cast on her right foot throwing her off-balance.  She reached for the her crutches and half-hopped, half-hobbled into the kitchen. Blinking past the burning smoke, she approached the oven - only to be picked up and placed firmly aside.

“Most people use a timer - not the smoke alarm.”  Damon waved a hand in front of his face as he watched the last of the flames flicker and die in the oven.   “I thought Alaric called me to ask me to check on you to make sure you were staying off your foot.”  He arched an eyebrow at the walking cast and shook his head before glancing around the disaster of a kitchen.  Three oversized bowls were heaped in the sink and most of the pantry was arrayed across the flour-dusted countertops.  “Looks like you’re doing an amazing job of taking it easy.”  He paused for effect.  “I didn’t know that I was supposed to make sure you didn’t burn your house down.”  He flicked a finger in the direction of the kitchen table.  “You...go sit down.  I’ll clean this up.”

Elena’s eyes pleaded with his for a split second.  “But they’re not finished.  I haven’t decorated them yet.  Gingerbread men have to be festive.”  She hesitated on the last word as Damon picked up a green-icing-covered cookie.  “My mom was great at decorating the cookies.  She could have owned a bakery.”  Elena tapped the baggie filled with pastry tips.  From the appearance of the parchment paper mess just to the side of her plate of cookies on the table, she’d made an attempt to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Damon looked up from the sink as he washed the last bowl.  “We can take them back to my house...get out of this smoke.  Then, we’ll finish decorating the cookies.”  He held one up for an example.  “Can’t have plate full of naked gingerbread men.”  With a smirk, he popped it into his mouth and crunched loudly.  “We may make a few more cookies too.”  After sliding the remainder of the cookies from their baking sheets and into the storage container, Damon finished cleaning the countertops at top vampire speed before Elena’s broken ankle had a chance to stop throbbing.

As Damon tucked the box of cookies under his arm, Elena held up the bag of pastry tips.  “You’re forgetting these.”

“Actually, I have my own.”  Damon took the bag from her and placed it back on the tabletop.

Elena blinked at him.  “You have your own cake decorating supplies?”

“Who do you think taught Duff how to ice cakes?”  He winked in her direction as he backed out of the door carrying the box of cookies to the car.  Elena grabbed her crutches and hobbled after him.  She hesitantly tested the icy porch before attempting to follow him to the car, but he was at her side in an instant.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

“Following you.”

“Pretty sure the ice on those steps is the reason you’re not with everyone else on the ski trip.”  Without giving her a chance to protest, he leaned the crutches against the front door as he swept her into his arms and carried her to the car.  

“Jeremy said he’d salted the steps.”  Elena protested.

“You have to give it a few minutes to melt.”  Damon shifted her weight into one arm as he opened the car door.  “I think you’re the only person I’ve ever met who broke their ankle falling while loading their luggage before going on a ski trip.”  He placed her carefully in the seat before closing the door behind her.  After making one last trip to the porch to retrieve her crutches, he hopped into the driver’s seat and started the car.

Elena shifted forward in her seat and adjusted the vents to blow more directly on her face as she absently hummed along with the Christmas song on the radio.  Over the past few months, things between them had gone from having the explosive potential of a stacked pile of tinder to decidedly ... complicated.  Stefan had disappeared with Katherine following Klaus’ death, but instead of freeing the pair to pursue what they both felt building between them - their relationship came to a skidding halt.

Now, after giving each other some breathing room, this was the first time they’d been completely alone in months.  The air in the car pressed down on them, and Elena tugged at the collar of her shirt.  

“Is it hot in here?”  Without even turning his head, Elena could see the smile curling on his lips.  He reached forward and turned the heat down one click.

“Did you stay behind because Ric asked you to?”  Elena pivoted in the seat to face him.

Damon slowly shook his head back and forth.  He pulled his car to the side of the road and fixed his eyes on her.  “I don’t care about going skiing with everyone else.  I couldn’t leave you behind.”  Her face flushed under his scrutiny.  Reaching out, he tentatively stroked her cheek with his fingertips.  “Elena, I don’t want to rush you, but....”  Whatever he was about to say was lost as Elena wrapped a hand behind his head and pulled his lips to hers.  


“Don’t be afraid of it.”  Damon’s voice was silky smooth as he whispered into Elena’s ear.

“But it’s just lying there.”

“It will be until you do something with it.  It’s not going to work by itself.  It needs someone to guide it.”  Damon let out a long sigh.  “There you go.  You can squeeze harder...it doesn’t bite.”

“I don’t know about this.”

“Here, let me help.”  Damon placed his hand atop hers and squeezed firmly.  “There, that’s right.”

Elena turned and looked behind her as Damon leaned over her shoulder.  “Sure, I can do it when you’re the one doing the work.”  She put the pastry bag back down on the counter and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear with an icing-laden hand.  “But when I’m doing it by myself...”  Elena frowned at the poor gingerbread man who appeared to have been decorated during the great San Francisco earthquake.

“It just takes practice...like some other things I know.”  He growled softly into her ear as his lips lightly trailed down her neck.

“Damon.”  She giggled as his lips suckled her collarbone.

He slid her collar farther away from her neck as his lips followed.  “What?  You dripped icing.  I was saving your blouse from eternal ruin.”

“I’m sure.”  Elena took a step away from him and pointed at the trio of cookies she’d decorated.  “Damon, I have to finish the cookies.  Mrs. Lockwood is going to expect the Gilbert Gingerbread men at the Founder’s Council cookie exchange.”

“We could tell her you’re injured.”  He ran a hand over her right thigh.  “Or...you could let me help.”

Elena studied the four dozen cookies Mrs. Lockwood was expecting in two days.  When she thought she was going to be out of town, she didn’t have a problem.  Now, though, she’d made the mistake of promising to deliver the cookies.  It had always seemed so easy when her mother baked them.  Damon’s hands slid around her waist and began to tease the waistband of her yoga pants.  The only way she’d stopped them from fogging the windows of Damon’s car at the side of the road was reminding him that they’d been destined for the boardinghouse for a reason.  Reluctantly, she handed him the pastry bag.  “Have fun.”

“Oh, I plan to.”  His eyes flashed as he began to add details to the face of one of the cookies.


“And I’m finished....”  Damon smirked as he placed the last pastry bag to the side.  “Want to come see if they meet with your approval?”

Elena stood from her perch on one of the bar stools and circled the counter as Damon added the final flourishes to the last of his masterpieces.  She placed her hands on his back as she leaned over his shoulder and blinked.  Taking a step back, she stared at him.  “Is that an anatomically correct gingerbread man?”

“I don’t know.”  His voice took on a sexy gravelly hint.  He glanced at his pants and smirked.  “Want to find out?”

Obviously, Damon had spiked her hot chocolate.  Whatever gave her the courage, she reached out and picked up the cookie and gave a minxish grin as she slowly licked the extra embellishment off before popping the entire cookie into her mouth.  “Does that answer your question?”

“I think you spilled a few crumbs.”  He carefully hoisted her onto the countertop and began to unbutton her blouse.  “That can’t be comfortable.”  

Any witty reply Elena planned to make was lost as his lips danced over her breast before his teeth lightly grazed her nipple.  The tension between them had been building throughout the cookie making experience.  Hell....Elena was forced to admit to herself....this moment had been building since the first time he’d kissed the back of her hand in this very house.  “Damon.”  His blue eyes met hers as he looked up at her from the valley between her breasts.  “Do you have satin sheets on your bed right now?”

“Mmmhmmm.”  His lips vibrated against her belly button and she laughed into his raven black hair.  He nodded as he continued to kiss his way to her waistband.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.  “Because that would be a lot more comfortable.”

Elena didn’t need to ask him twice.  He stood and locked lips with hers as he slid his hands beneath the pockets of her pants.  Hoisting her off the countertop, he sped through the house and up the stairs in a blur.  Peeling back the sheets, he cautiously laid her on the bed being careful not to jostle her foot.  

“You don’t normally have satin sheets on your bed....”  Elena smiled as she slid her hand over the cool red sheets.

“Nope.”  He peeled his shirt and pants off and slid into the bed next to her as he watched goosebumps rise on her skin.  

“Going commando.  Thought you’d be getting lucky tonight?”

“I was hopeful.”  His index finger toyed with the waistband of her pants.

“Cocky much?”

“Very much.”  He growled as he took hold of her pants and began to slide them down her shapely legs.  Letting out a soft groan, he eased himself between her thighs and grasped the lace waist of her panties between his teeth.  As he snaked down her legs, he left her naked in front of him as he slowly worked the clothing completely off.

Elena lay completely exposed before him and his eyes travelled hungrily over her skin.  Her cheeks flushed pink as she reached for the sheet.  “No.”  He caught hold of her wrist.  “I want to be able to see all of you.”  He covered her body with his as he once again met her lips with his.  They kissed with the explosive passion of months of denying themselves this release.  As he tangled his fingers in her hair, she pressed her breasts into his chest.  She moaned into his mouth as she began to grind herself against his pelvis.  “In a hurry?”

“Mmmhmmm.”  Elena parted her lips to allow his tongue entrance just as he slid to the side as he reached between their bodies to offer Elena the release she sought.  “Mmmm.”  Her eyes closed as she shifted her hips to give his hand better access.  His fingers slid over the wetness of her lower folds before his finger entered her most private area.

From the way that her body seized tightly around him, he was reminded just how long it had been for her.  He slowly teased her as his finger slowly entered and exited her core while his tongue matched his hand’s teasing pace.  

Elena’s fingernails raked across his thighs before she pushed at one hip, rolling him onto his side.  Not stilling his attention between her legs, he rotated to give her access to himself.  She chuckled slightly and he pulled his lips away from hers.  “The cookie definitely didn’t do it justice.”  Taking him in hand, she slowly began to pump her hand up and down.

For an instant, he withdrew his finger from her as he rested his hands atop hers.  “Just like earlier.”  He laughed.  “Don’t be afraid of hurting it.”  He squeezed his fingers more tightly around hers in encouragement.  Reaching up to her face, he brushed her hair back from her forehead and stared into her eyes as he continued his intimate massage.  

He lowered his head back to her breast and began to suckle at a nipple.  His icy blue eyes looked up deeply into hers.  “Do you trust me?”


His face transformed as his fangs emerged.  He lightly bit into the side of her breast - eliciting a soft cry of pain from Elena that immediately transformed into something else.  

“Oh my ....”  She pulled his head more firmly against the back of his head to pull him tighter into her breast.  Elena lost track of time as waves of pleasure washed over her as he lightly drank from her.  A shudder ran through her body as she stilled his hand.  “Damon, I need you.”  

His face instantly transformed back to its more familiar form as he travelled back up her body.  “Everything’s about to change.”  He positioned himself directly over her as he spread her legs to either side of his hips.

“It already has.”  She reached between them and guided him to her entrance.

As he slid into her, she attacked his lips with a ferocity he instantly matched with his thrusts.  She reached for his hand and entwined her fingers with his.  


Damon pulled the blankets over Elena’s still-naked shoulder as she rested her head on his chest.  Her eyes were half-closed as she ran her hand up and down his hip.  “Thank you.”

“For amazing, toe-curling sex?”

“No.” She shook her head.

“Your toes didn’t curl?”  He looked at her with suspicion.

Elena rolled her eyes.  “Besides the mind-numbingly amazing sex...”  She looked at him tenderly.  “For helping me today.  Making the cookies...it meant a lot to me.”

“Elena, I’ll make cookies with you any time.”  He rolled onto his elbow.  “Is that a little more icing I see?”  Elena’s giggles were lost as he disappeared once again under the blankets.

Disney Day 2

We're having an awesome time - weather's been pretty nice too.

If I could write a Disney guidebook, I'd have to say that if it is about 1 o'clock, and your toddlers are screaming and you're dragging them - that means you should be headed back to the hotel for a nap.

Don't inflict screaming toddlers on the rest of the public.

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And I Have to Brag

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